FYI: My Erdős-Bacon Number: 9

For those who enjoy such things, a quick calculation of my Erdős-Bacon number.  One’s Erdős number is the number of links, via co-authorships in scholarly publications, it takes to reach mathmetician Paul Erdős. Similarly, the Bacon Number is the number of links to reach actor Kevin Bacon via screen appearances. The Erdős-Bacon number is the sum of those two, for people who have finite numbers for each. Carl Sagan has an Erdős-Bacon number of no more than 6, and Steven Hawking has an Erdős-Bacon number of no more than 7. We use the phrase “no more than” since there may be links through a shorter path that is yet undiscovered.

I have an Erdős number of no more than 6:

  1. Erdös, P.; Rosenbloom, P. C. Toeplitz methods which sum a given sequence.Bull. Amer. Math. Soc. 52, (1946). 463–464.
  2. Block, H. D.; Rosenbloom, P. C. Perturbations of non-linear eigenvalue problems.Arch. Math. 7 (1956), 172–183.
  3. Block, H. D.; Levin, S. A. On the boundedness of an iterative procedure for solving a system of linear inequalities. Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 26 1970 229–235
  4. Morin, Benjamin R.; Perrings, Charles; Levin, Simon; Kinzig, Ann. Disease risk mitigation: the equivalence of two selective mixing strategies on aggregate contact patterns and resulting epidemic spread. J. Theoret. Biol. 363 (2014), 262–270.
  5. Thomas O. McShane, et al. Hard choices: Making trade-offs between biodiversity conservation and human well-being. Biological Conservation. 144(2011), 966-972.
  6. Witter, Rebecca; Marion Suiseeya, Kimberly R.; Gruby, Rebecca L.; Hitchner, Sarah; Maclin, Edward M.Bourque, Maggie; Brosius, J. Peter. Moments of influence in global environmental governanceEnvironmental Politics. 24(6)(2015), 894-912.

and a Bacon Number of no more than 3:

  1. Kevin Bacon was in Queen’s Logic (1991) with John Malkovich;
  2. John Malkovich was in The Great Buck Howard (2008) with Martha Stewart
  3. I was on an episode of Martha Stewart Living (now available on DVD.)


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