I am an environmentalist, scientist, educator, and writer based in the USA. Sandworms is a personal blog dedicated to the interactions between humans and their environment. This may include thoughts on ecology, economy, religion, making our human footprints (ecological, economic, carbon, etc.) smaller, slow foods (including barbecue), farming, homesteading arts, and ongoing research.

I have a PhD in anthropology from the University of Georgia, focusing on the cultural and social influences on Arctic conservation within the WWF‘s Global Arctic Programme. My research combines political ecology, the study of networks, and the anthropology of knowledge. My other interests include the anthropology of food, globalization and its effects, small-scale agriculture, energy use, and climate change. I am also a father, husband, farmer, Aikido practitioner, homebrewer, and musician.

Sandworms is a reference to the Dune novels by Frank Herbert. In addition to being an entertaining read, the series can be seen as an early exploration of political ecology. The sandworms make the spice as part of their life-cycle–while the power struggles and economics surrounding spice are key drivers behind conflicts leading to the destruction (and rebirth) of the sandworms.

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